While sitting in meetings we often find our thoughts interrupted by cell phones ringing. It seems that any place we go phones ring. My drive to the office used to be a few minutes of quiet, a chance for me to collect my thoughts and get ready for the day ahead. Even that is no longer a time of peace. It seems that we have become slaves to our phones. They ring and we answer. Any call might be important, we dare not miss a call.

There are, however, calls that we pay no attention to. I have joked that my wife complains that I don’t listen to her – at least I think that’s what she says. Many of us suffer “selective hearing”. We only hear what we want and the remainder of what is said we simply ignore.

This Sunday our Gospel reading tells the story of Jesus calling the first disciples. Jesus calls Philip saying, “follow me”. Immediately Philip became a follower of Jesus. However, when Philip tells his friend that he has found the savior for whom the Jews have been searching, the friend mocks him. Philip pressed on asking his friend to “come and see”.  Philip’s friend (Nathanael) does come and sees and believes. Jesus calls many to be his disciples in the gospels. Some respond immediately, others need to be called several times.

We all get many calls. All too many these days are on the phone. Some come in letters, emails and texts proclaiming the message to be urgent. Seldom is it at all important! We get very good at ignoring many of those messages. However, there are messages that are important, even life changing. The call from Jesus to follow him is one of those important calls. It is an opportunity to be a disciple of Jesus.

Join us Sunday as we hear Jesus call Philip and us to follow Him. This call is time sensitive. Now is the time to respond.

Pastor Bill