We would like to extend a very warm welcome and thank you to everyone for visiting our website. Whether you are just having a look, visiting the island, or are seeking out a place to worship, we are delighted to have you visit our site. We are truly a “Welcoming to All” congregation and have taken the steps to be designated a reconciling in Christ church (only one in the area). Come visit us soon, we would love to meet you in person at our Saturday night or Sunday morning services.

Tom Herrman, Council President


Monthly Council Newsletter


Greeting everyone and Happy Holidays!!

I hope everyone is staying safe and getting ready for Christmas. The decorations in the church look great, a big thank you to all those that helped decorate and make our church very warm and welcoming.

The council had our meeting on the 15th and managed to do it in less than an hour, hard to believe. We covered a number of issues that included beginning prep for the annual meeting in January.

As you know, we are trying to work with the city to get our right-of-way issues resolved so that we can complete the parking lot project. Alice plans to attend the January city council meeting to see if we can push the project to completion.  

Pastor Doug reported that since the beginning of November, attendance has been growing and is now consistently in the fifties. Although this is about 10 to 15 % below attendance from two years ago, before the pandemic, it is encouraging to see our numbers increasing. We have installed the additional sound equipment in the sanctuary that should greatly improve the quality of the service. He also informed us that he will be taking some time off after Christmas to relax and reflect, I’m sure he will welcome the time off.  A copy of his full report is on file in the office.

Our new cleaning service has started this week and we are sure they will do an excellent job. 

Tricia reported that she received a request from an outside group to use the Fellowship Hall for their monthly meeting. Although we would like to, the council decided against it because of church security and liability and concerns. Tricia also requested that we set up a giving tile for disaster relief on our Vanco giving page so that people can give for the current tornado disasters in the midwest as well as future disaster needs. Great idea!

In an effort to assure the church is properly locked and secured after our services, Pat volunteered to create a list of duties / checklist for ushers to follow once the service is complete. Thank you Pat, we are sure this should eliminate any issues or concerns in this area. 

Alice gave an update on the Christmas Adopt a Family project. Gifts that were requested have been purchased and will be wrapped on the 16th. Thanks to everyone that gave to this project and Alice will arrange times to deliver to the families sometime next week. Thanks Alice for all your help. 

New council members for 2022 were discussed. Dennis and I will be going off council this year. Donnis has agreed to run for a second term and Sandy DeLaet has agreed to run for a 3-year term and we are reaching out to several others. A big thank you to Dennis for all his help and support!!!!

The council approved continuing our exploration into the possibility of constructing an outdoor pavilion that would be just outside the Fellowship Hall. Having this additional gathering area will serve the church in many ways. We are excited about this and will talk about it at the annual meeting in more detail.

We are sad to announce that Pastor Lyerly, the founding Pastor of Gloria Dei, has recently passed away. Gloria Dei has sent flowers and will make a donation for the bell choir at his church in South Carolina as requested by his family. 

The upcoming January 30th, 2022, annual meeting was discussed. A checklist of things to get ready for the meeting includes:

  • The annual letter to the congregation regarding the meeting that will go out by January 15th by either email or postal letter. 
  • We plan to make the meeting a combination of in person and Zoom for those members who cannot be there in person. 
  • We are asking that the Ministry reports be sent to the office by January 26th
  • The 2022 budget that was approved by the Council at the November meeting will be finalized with the year ending numbers. Alice will have a copy of the budget ready to be sent with the congregation letter. 

We also approved the purchase of a microphone for the conference room table to improve the sound during our zoom meetings. 

Our 7:30 Christmas Eve service will also stream live on our Facebook page this year.

The Council was happy to approve Christmas Gifts for the staff. Thank you for doing a great job this past year!! 

We discussed the possibility of using monies from our Memorial Fund that have been sitting there for quite a long time to explore possible projects in the sanctuary, fellowship hall or kitchen. More discussion on possible projects and their priority will follow in the new year.

Problems with the sprinkler system not working were discussed, and Tricia will get bids to remedy the problem. 

The Treasurer and Investment reports were discussed and approved. Copies of the full reports are on file.

The next Council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday January 11 at 10:30 a.m. est. and will be held in a combination in-person/Zoom meeting.  If you would like to join us, the Zoom info can be found on the website.


Well sadly this is my last monthly report with my term ending in January. It has been a pleasure and an honor to serve our church on both the council and as president over these past years. I want to thank you all for your support and please have a safe and joyful Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Tom Herrman