We would like to extend a very warm welcome and thank you to everyone for visiting our website. Whether you are just having a look, visiting the island, or are seeking out a place to worship, we are delighted to have you visit our site. We are truly a “Welcoming to All” congregation and have taken the steps to be designated a reconciling in Christ church (only one in the area). Come visit us soon, we would love to meet you in person at our Saturday night or Sunday morning services.

Tom Herrman, Council President


Monthly Council Newsletter

End of Summer 2021


I hope everyone has had a great summer now that we are beginning to look forward to the fall with hopefully some cooler weather and the return of our northern friends.

The council held a very productive on meeting on August 31st that focused primarily on the future of our church led by Pastor. The highlights of the meeting listed below.

Dennis reported that we served a 113 at Our Daily Bread service on July 18th and he is always looking for volunteers.

Tricia reported on several property issues that need to be resolved.

a) We approved repairs for outside lighting.

b) We will contact the city regarding the driveway and apron permits and will continue to follow-up to get our permits approved. We are looking into permeable surface solutions for the right of way approaches at the entrance and exit portion of the driveway as possible solution to any permitting issues.

c) Alice will be getting bids to update the landscaping both for mowing and new plantings in the boxes that surround the church.

d) It was agreed to move forward with funding to add a link to the bottom of our website to make signing up for the eNews easier to find.

Ken mentioned some of the wording on the main page of the website is confusing and has agreed to work with Pastor to make changes.

Pastor led a discussion on the future of Gloria Dei including where we are going, our challenges and possible solutions. After a lively discussion we decided some of our challenges include; making decisions on a timely basis, communication amongst the council, church committees and the congregation, volunteerism and growing the church.

We discussed some possible solutions:

a) Improve Council decision making process.

b) Communication – We will ask the committees to provide minutes of their     meetings to the office for distribution. Council will continue to share info with     members on a regular basis (Monthly Council Newsletter).

c) Volunteerism – find more ways for the congregation to get involved with the committees.

d) Discontinue Executive Committee weekly meeting. Should a special need arise all members of council will be included.

e) Build a stronger outreach for visitors and members both at Sunday worship and with additional activities such as new member receptions and Octoberfest type events.

f ) Find ways to get Gloria Dei more involved in the community.

g) Find additional ways to attract new people, keep members involved and     spread “All are Welcome” attitude and spirit of inclusiveness.

The Treasurer reports were reviewed and approved. Alice reported that we are slightly down YTD in donations versus last year at this time. Copies of the Treasurer reports are on file.

Rudy reported that total investments are doing well.  A copy of the Investment report is on file.

The next Council meeting is scheduled for Thursday October 7 at 10:30 a.m. est. and will be held (hopefully) in a combination of in-person and Zoom.

Again, we are looking forward to seeing everyone again, please stay safe.

Tom Herrman