We all know about St. Peter. He was the leader of the original disciples, he was with Jesus at all of the important events in Jesus’s ministry. He also was the leader of the first christian congregation in Jerusalem. Any way we look at it, Peter was important in the life of Jesus and his followers. As important as Peter was, it’s hard to believe how often Peter was wrong – or at least totally misunderstood what Jesus was saying and what Jesus meant. I think it might be because Peter so often misunderstands that I like him so much. Peter doesn’t really pick up on what Jesus says or what it means. Peter is the first one to offer suggestions about what they should be doing that have little to do with what Jesus is actually talking about. Peter gives me hope! If Jesus could love Peter, I have a chance! The decibels (especially Peter) are so real. None of them are perfect. We can see in the gospels that the early followers of Jesus were painfully real people. So often we think of the disciples as being super human, However, the gospels show us they are real people with real problems who do as many things wrong as we do. I feel so comfortable seeing myself in the disciples.
Pastor Bill