In This Sunday’s gospel reading we hear a portion of what Bible scholars refer to as “the high priestly prayer of Jesus.”  In this prayer Jesus asks God the father to see to the needs of his followers after Jesus has departed from them. Jesus asks the Father to “watch over them and see to their care.” As Jesus departs from his followers He commends them into the Father’s care. Through the gospels Jesus is concerned about the continuing care of his followers.

This caused me to wonder who Jesus would commend to our care. Obviously, we need to care for our children, and as they age our parents as well. Most of us would expect to care for all the members of our family as well. However, how often do we think in terms of caring for our neighbors, or our fellow citizens, or even our enemies?

Jesus sets the example for us by putting us in relationship with Him and through Him, with one another. All who belong to Christ also belong to one another. In Christ we are given the commission to care for one another even as we are told to love one another.

Pastor Bill